Aspies Speak Out About School Shooting

This is in response to the Connecticut shootings. I was profoundly affected by them. I was outraged that anyone would imply that the cause of them was Aspergers.

I have Aspergers. When I was a teenager I had the capacity to take a gun and kill people. But I want to make something crystal clear. My Aspergers was NOT the reason. I was seen as different than other people and they treated me like I didn't even deserve to be called human. I was abused and tortured and then ignored completely. I was angry. Rightfully so. There was no one in my life - not any relative or friend or authority figure who would listen to me. So I had to keep my frustration buried inside myself. I don't anymore. And I WON'T anymore.

My message is this. We all need to be loved and cared about, respected, acknowledged and HEARD. These are the things that I offer to others every day on an online forum. It is a safe outlet where others like me can speak what is in their minds and hearts. There is no judgment or criticism. It is my life goal to promote communication in the world in a way that will breed compassion. I am a person who knows how to love and practices it every day of my life. Peacefulness is my very nature.

My advice to anyone who lives an abusive existence which drives them to the point of homicidal rage is to discover new ways of life outside of their own experience. I learned this by reading true crime books from a very young age. I learned that there are countless families that live with all kinds of crises and pressure packed situations. The first thing to remember is that there is hope for a better life once you escape from a toxic environment. Always look into the future and plan on changing your life to what you believe it should be. It can be done. I am living proof. I am a proud Aspie. Anyone who promotes the idea that Aspergers is the cause of violence is WRONG.

Debbie Denenburg Copyright 2012